Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hi Rembau street oldies,
I created this blog on the 26th April 05. We, seniors had our first gathering at the Royal Klang Club. (30th April 05) for tea. Six of us, all above 50/60 years old gathered , chatted and exchanged past experiences about "Rembau Street." I am 60 years "young." WHO AM I ? You may ask "Who are you" When the time is right I will "Tunjuk Muka" .. show my face.
Later, We had dinner at one of the Pandamaran restaurants (Ya kar).I hope more oldies who are not good using the computer(get your son/daughter to post SOMETHING for you especially those who stayed along the Famous Rembau Street in the 50s/60s/70s and join the blog. Do relate your past experiences during the 60s/70s especially in Rembau Street (now Jalan Tengku Kelana Klang).The Indians have taken over most of the shops... it is Called "Little India" now.. Those of you who are away (overseas) may find this Rembau Street a total change. If you were La Sallians/High School boys/ACS boys/Convent Girls/MGS girls/ studying in the 6os/70s... Think of the many House parties we had... the tea dances in Schools...etc.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

82 Rembau residence

Those of you who were staying in Rembau Street Klang in the 60s /70s/80s can get connected in this blog and tell me where you were staying (which house and the address)then and relate some of your past experiences there and also whom you would like to meet now.
I was staying in 82 Rembau Street Klang (corner shop) ... Next to Swee Soon Heng ... a bicycle shop. Friends call me Ah Kin . I am staying in Palm Grove now. I have recently met Lum Teck Seng (call Seng Chai) whose family was staying downstairs ..He migrated to Hong Kong and later Canada and now he comes back off and on and he stays with his sister in Kuala lumpur. He goes back to stay in China as well.He has an apartment there.
My experiences there... I used to play badminton at the Jubilee School and also played basketball at the KCOC Bus service station. There was a drain where my friends and used to catch "Longkang" drain fish. We used to pluck fruits on the hill next to Convent school. During MoonCake festival...lantern festival we gathered with our lanterns and walked along the back lanes of Rembau Street shouting "ompa ompa leh ah leh"....boys and girls of all ages joined in the fun...

Monday, April 25, 2005

Hi Rembau Street Klang Selangor Malaysia

Come here ;)